March 11, 2023

Introducing Reditus: Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Reditus, your trusted Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and introduce its members properly. We hope you enjoy exploring our site, which will contain information about our products and services, useful best practices, tips & tricks, resources, as well as team profiles and updates.

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Jan Vandevelde - Business Unit Manager at Reditus
Jan Vandevelde
Business Unit Manager
Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner Belgium

Reditus is a Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium, focused on helping clients achieve their revenue goals through implementing CRM, CPQ, Billing, and Subscription Management solutions.

Reditus, your Quote-to-Cash advisor, focused on helping clients achieve their revenue goals through Quote-to-Cash solutions.

Quote-to-Cash solutions for Salesforce are the keys to unlocking better insights into customer demand, faster quote generation, more accurate forecasting, improved product and pricing strategy decisions, improved order management, and automating your invoicing process.

With over 10 years of experience, we are one of the top Salesforce Revenue Cloud-focused consulting firms in Europe.

We are a team of seasoned consultants with years of experience and expertise in Salesforce. Our team of experts has diverse backgrounds, including finance, marketing, business analysis, and project management.

We specialize in Salesforce Revenue Cloud solutions, helping clients from various industries to maximize their return on investment through the use of this platform and our expert guidance.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud allows you to connect your sales, service, marketing, order fulfillment and finance teams, and optimize revenue by uncovering the right buyers at the right time.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a suite of Salesforce add-ons that allows you to optimize revenue by streamlining your sales processes, managing your subscription business, and invoice your customers timely and on autopilot!

Salesforce CPQ

Do you know how many hours you spend creating quotes, contracts, and proposals?

We’ve got a better way.

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful new tool that lets you create flawless sales documents faster by automating the tedious parts of the process.

With Salesforce CPQ, you can:

  • Create proposals, quotes, and contracts faster
  • Get better insights into your sales pipeline
  • Manage and structure your commercial product catalog so that even new hires can start selling faster
  • Get a grip on pricing, margins, and discounts governed by Smart Approval Processes
  • Capture the necessary information to feed after-sales processes right from the start

Salesforce Billing

Do you know what’s worse than a customer who doesn’t pay their bill? A customer who pays late.

That’s why it’s so important to have a robust billing system in place so that you can be sure your customer is being billed correctly. Salesforce Billing automates the invoicing process and helps you create reports that will help you maximize profitability.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Reducing errors by compiling automatically costs and quotes and generating corresponding invoices. This reduces human error, which saves time, which means money!
  • Managing subscriptions like recurring fees or discounts that are due at certain intervals or when certain events occur (i.e., renewal, free trial). This makes managing invoices simpler and more efficient as well as helps ensure that customers pay on time and without requesting more services than they need for their needs (i.e., no extra services are required after purchase).
  • Creating transparency by providing all necessary information about billing processes in one integrated solution that allows for easy reporting of data from several systems (i.e., sales reports from different sales channels). This allows businesses to improve profitability by identifying the most profitable customers quickly with automated reports and custom dashboards

Salesforce Subscription Management

Salesforce Subscription Management is the perfect solution for your business when it comes to managing subscriptions. It allows customers to purchase, upgrade, renew, and pay for products seamlessly through self-service channels such as e-commerce, mobile apps, and other sites.

It also automates the catalog creation, price management, and invoice generation process, as well as payment processing and credit note issuance. This solution also enables users to track customer purchases over time, which creates a single source of information shared by all customer contact areas.

Finally, it enables AI to score invoices based on the probability of late payment. Your finance team can leverage these scores to prioritize higher-risk bills.

Without a doubt, Salesforce Subscription Management focuses on giving each customer a complete experience throughout the entire purchase and payment process. Drive subscription adoption, renewal, and upgrade, as well as the retention and engagement of your subscribers by using this powerful tool!

In combination with CPQ and Billing, it forms the perfect triumvirate to optimize the management of your revenues!

Team Reditus includes experts from diverse backgrounds in finance, consulting, technology, and more!

Our team includes experts from diverse backgrounds in finance, consulting, and technology. Our Salesforce CRM consultants have over 10 years of experience in this field and have worked with some of the largest organizations in Europe. We also have an expert team of CPQ consultants who specialize in building customized solutions for businesses using Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

Our Revenue Cloud Consultants understand the intricacies of this platform and can help you leverage it to increase your revenues without any hassle or headache!

The platform experts at Reditus are here to make sure that they deliver high-quality products, following the “Well-Architected Framework” of Best Practices, while keeping up with their deadlines so that you get a seamless experience working with us!

Meet Team Reditus

Joost Van Elsuwe Managing Partner Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Joost Van Elsuwé

Joost is Managing Partner and Revenue Cloud Architect at Reditus. He has been working in the Salesforce Ecosystem for 7 years, specializing in the delivery of Quote-to-Cash Solutions.

Joost combines deep technical knowledge of the Salesforce Platform and its CPQ/Billing Solutions with business acumen to understand customers’ needs, challenges, and goals. With his broad background in Economics and Finance, he understands the concerns and goals of all stakeholders in the project. He leverages this to advise companies on their end-to-end processes and designs a solution that meets both the requirements and is according to the best practices and implementation philosophy of the Quote-to-Cash Tool.

His experience also includes Transportation, Education, B2B Services, Manufacturing, and Waste Management projects.

Lucas Gilis Managing Partner at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Lucas Gilis

Lucas is Managing Partner and Head of Delivery at Reditus.

Lucas is an experienced project manager with a strong track record of successful project delivery. With his excellent project management skills, he can lead teams to achieve project goals and meet deadlines effectively. He has a knack for crisis management and problem-solving, which allows him to address any issues that arise during the project’s lifecycle.

Lucas is a skilled team manager, able to motivate and inspire team members to deliver high-quality results. He is adept at networking and stakeholder management, allowing him to build strong relationships with project stakeholders, partners, and clients. He is goal-oriented, with a focus on delivering projects that meet or exceed expectations.

Lucas is flexible and adaptable, able to adjust to changing project requirements and constraints. He has expertise in test management and delivery management, ensuring that projects are thoroughly tested and delivered on time and to the required quality. He is also experienced in budget management, ensuring that projects are delivered within the allocated budget.

Overall, Lucas is a highly skilled and effective project manager who can successfully deliver projects of all sizes and complexities. His skills in project management, crisis management, problem-solving, team management, networking, stakeholder management, goal orientation, flexibility, test management, delivery management, and budget management make him an asset to any project team.

Jan Vandevelde - Business Unit Manager at Reditus

Jan Vandevelde

Jan is Business Unit Manager and Salesforce Architect at Reditus. He has been working with the Salesforce Platform since 2009, and he is an enthusiastic problem solver with a positive “can do” attitude and a passion for Sales, Marketing, CPQ, Billing, and Salesforce Platform Architecture.

Jan is also one of the leaders of the Belgian Salesforce Community Group, 4x MVP and Trailblazer Community Advocate, an advisor to the Salesforce strategic roadmap as a member of the Platform Advisory Board, and he has been involved in several roles that involved different aspects of business processes—process analysis, workshops, testing, rollout, and training. 

He is empowered by his team members and always eager to learn new things!

Vroni Mylle Senior Salesforce Consultant at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Vroni Mylle

Vroni is a Senior Consultant at Reditus, where she helps businesses of all sizes achieve success with Salesforce. She has over five years of experience in Salesforce and Platform, spanning over 15 projects in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to government services.

She’s an enthusiastic and driven professional who always has a smile on her face—and it shows in her approach: honest and open-minded, she guides clients toward achieving success by helping them see the big picture and learn how to use their data to make informed decisions about their business goals.

Kobe Bernar Senior Salesforce Developer at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Kobe Bernar

Meet Kobe, our Senior Salesforce Developer, a passionate and driven professional with over 6 years of hands-on experience in Salesforce development. With an active involvement in the entire project lifecycle, from analysis to implementation, this expert is well-versed in providing end-to-end Salesforce solutions that meet business needs.

Kobe is constantly seeking to improve his skills and knowledge, and loves learning new things to better understand the technology he works with. His expertise and experience span across various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and recruitment.

With a deep understanding of Salesforce development best practices and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, Kobe is a reliable and valued team member. He thrives in collaborative environments, working closely with stakeholders and team members to drive successful outcomes for every project he works on.

Gilles Pettersson BI Consultant at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Gilles Pettersson

Gilles is an enthusiastic BI Consultant at Reditus, who helps our clients to acquire, develop and retain current and future clients by providing them with the insights to take the right actions at the right moment via the right channel. In short: Gilles helps our clients to make smarter decisions.

As a CRM Analytics & Einstein Discovery Consultant, he learns from/for customer companies. Learning from the past, measuring the present, and predicting the future via advanced analytics and visual reporting are his strengths.

Gilles has extensive experience in Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics for business performance management in different industries. He has worked with several companies as well as with many different Data Analytics technologies such as Tableau, Machine Learning, Snowflake, and CRM Analytics among others.

Naresh Prajapat Senior Salesforce Developer at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Naresh Prajapat

Naresh as our Senior Developer is the perfect Salesforce Developer for any project. With over 6+ years of IT experience and 5+ years specifically in Salesforce CRM, you can trust that your business’s needs are in good hands. From configuration to development, testing, and deployment of Salesforce CPQ, Naresh has the tools and dedication necessary for projects of any scale! Trust Naresh to deliver successful results!

Peter Watteeuw Senior Salesforce CPQ Consultant at Reditus Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner in Belgium

Peter Watteeuw

Peter is a Senior Consultant at Reditus. He’s here to help you and has all the skills you need to get you where you want to go—and then some.

Peter values candor, is open to new ideas, and is eager to learn new things. In a professional setting, Peter will constantly strive for an ideal solution with the efficiency and productivity of the end user in mind.

Peter has been working in IT for most of his professional career—and he’s still loving every minute of it! He loves working with clients who are smart, collaborative, and committed to results. And if they’re willing to take a little risk? Even better! It’s all about finding that perfect fit between client expectations, market demands, and technology realities—and then making it happen!

Team Reditus is excited to get the word out and we look forward to help you with your next Salesforce CPQ and Billing project! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Jan Vandevelde - Business Unit Manager at Reditus
Jan Vandevelde
Business Unit Manager
Salesforce Architect at Reditus | 26 x Salesforce Certified | Belgium User Group Leader | 4x Salesforce MVP | Success Community Advocate | #HackerAstro